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The single greatest failure in most campaigns is not a lack of funding but the lack of a properly delivered game plan. We specialize in political strategy, data research, and benefit analysis that will help us refine your campaign outreach. We use the latest technologies in polling and voter research to help detect problems and find solutions. Our experience combined with a common sense approach make us the perfect support team for any campaign.

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WT&S Consulting is one of Alabama's only in-house polling firms. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality polling data and research available. Our system employs an integrated voice broadcasting (IVB) technology to poll voters quickly and accurately. All of our surveys are conducted by phone and follow a scientific standard that makes sure all results are as accurate as possible.

Our state-of-the-art calling system also makes robo-calling an easy task. We can connect with voters at a rate of almost one million calls per hour.

Communication with the news media can be one of the most nerve-racking and important parts of any campaign. The public image you build will be how you are perceived by your voting base. From simply drafting a press release to being a full campaign spokesman, we are ready to help you tailor your image in the public's eye.

A sharp, clean, and professional image cannot be stressed enough. How your handout or other campaign material look will determine how voters look at you as a candidate. Our graphic design team is one of the best in the political industry, and we take great pride in their work.

A good direct mail program can make all the difference in a campaign. It is one of the lowest cost and most effective ways to connect with your voter base. We are here to help you plan, design, and print all your direct mail projects.

WT&S is a full service consultant and is ready to serve you. From full campaign management to simply sending a press release, we are here for you whatever your needs are. Some of our services include:

Campaign Website Design

Website development and online communication strategies have become one of the most important areas of a modern campaign. In today's market, a successful internet strategy can be critical for success.

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